Casual blogging

What if I started writing about game design and development? Can this help me through the process of releasing a game?

Casual blogging

In the past few years I tried to build a personal blog a couple of times. My aim was to create something specifically focused on game design and development. While having a great gamedev blog has always been one of my greatest dreams, it is safe to say that writing interesting stuff about game design takes a lot of time and effort. I spend most of my time and effort making games, though, which explain why I never succeeded in making a good blog.

Since last September I work full-time as a solo game developer here in Sweden, meaning that I spend the entire days in front of my laptop making interactive stuff. With the sole company of Jojo & Boogie, I spend my days designing, programming, and drawing. The house is so silent. Michelle comes back home after work in the evening, but most of the day my only conversations happen through social media and Skype. This is nice and all, but I constantly feel like I need to talk about the things that I care about or even the random things that I’m thinking of in a specific moment. I want a space where I can talk about photography, about music, about stuff that happens in town, about events that I find interesting, about tweets that I find hilarious, about places that I want to visit.


If this looks like the middle of the night to you, you’re wrong. This is how Malmö looks at 16:00

Sure, I can do all of this on Facebook, but it never feels “mine”. Posting something on Facebook always seems like talking in a room where everyone has a microphone and talks at the same time (while being annoyed by ads and stupid videos, but that’s a different story). I want something more intimate than that, a place that belongs to me. This is why I’m opening this virtual diary, with the aim to do casual blogging and – hopefully – share something personal with the few readers that will – hopefully – be interested in reading me.

If you have suggestions for the blog, feel free to share them with me by writing a comment below (you see? I’m engaging with my audience!)